Daron Campbell Capital is a full service, private equity, investment entity, specializing in aggressively investing in fast moving, reposition, distressed and development opportunities with exceptional returns.  DC Capital is a conduit which offers investors the opportunity to participate in the ownership of major real estate projects with significant profit potential through value-added methods orchestrated by Mr. Campbell and his staff. DC Capital acts as a fund manager which seeks opportunities for high net worth individuals to invest “silently” without personal exposure, management responsibility or personal guarantees for acquisition debt. With over 29 years of experience, Daron Campbell and his investors have owned, operated and sold in excess of $4.3 billion in transactions. Investment opportunities include real estate (single & multi-family housing units), new construction, major renovation and rehabilitation projects, as well as distressed properties and foreclosures.  DC Capital also participates in private money lending and aggressive speculative opportunities in the acquisition of private businesses in need of repositioning.

Daron Campbell Capital
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